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We've presented to organizations including:

Boston CelticsFlorida State UniversityColumbia UniversityCrunch Fitness, and more...

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Seasoned pros know the best approach to rehab and training combines information from all over.

This platform contains the accumulated knowledge and skills honed from dozens of courses and decades of experience treating and training real patients and athletes.


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Educational content should help reinforce or change how you apply concepts to actually help the people you work with.

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The cost of education is an enormous burden. Between undergraduate and graduate studies, it's not uncommon for physical therapists to be hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt before they collect their first paycheck as licensed providers.

The situation is not much different for strength coaches, athletic trainers and other fitness professionals with advanced degrees.

Even after investing years and tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to receive a credential, many sports medicine and performance professionals feel unprepared for the "real world" upon graduation of their entry level programs. Thus they continue to spend thousands of dollars more on continuing education after graduation.

Tuition for a weekend course typically runs from $300-1500, not including associated travel and lodging costs. Moreover, courses typically teach one system/technique/methodology/tool in isolation and don't help you incorporate the content into an overarching therapeutic or coaching framework.

In other words, the return on investment from the traditional continuing education model tends to be dubious and leaves the attendees to piece together disparate information. We think professional education should be comprehensive and integrated at a reasonable price point.

Professional education should also allow providers to network and learn with one another to actually apply what they were taught during a course. Learning requires application, not just exposure to information.

Our memberships represent our effort to offer a decentralized alternative to the traditional high opportunity cost fellowship model.

Members are provided unique course content, periodic members only question and answer sessions, case study and article reviews, programming templates, a private exercise database with progressions for a variety of clinical and performance scenarios, and private webinars. There's a mix of short and long form content to prepare rehabilitation and performance professionals to confidently navigate the return to sport continuum at an annual cost of less than the combined airfare and lodging for one weekend seminar.

Who is Resilient Performance?

Meet the Co-Founders of Resilient Performance & Resilient Performance Physical Therapy: Greg, Trevor, and Doug (L>R)

From coaching to treating to teaching, Resilient’s staff of Physical Therapist / Performance Coach hybrids has professional experience with athletes and organizations including:

NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Olympics, NCAA, FBI, U.S. Special Forces, PLL/MLL, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and more...

We also regularly work with weekend warriors and non-athletes including those with chronic pain and dysfunction.

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With your All Access account you get our Movement Foundations & Return to Sport: Speed & Agility Courses FOR LIFE along with our vault of content, programs, and exercise video database.


Presentations, Case Studies, and more.

Access our latest projects and view the content vault.


All topics ranging from sports medicine to performance.

Fresh cases, research reviews, and more with archived vault access.


See how we think and what we look for through video breakdowns.

Get in our heads as well as access the vault.

Programs & Protocols Vault

View training and therapy program templates we use past & present.

New programs and protocols are added periodically as content for you.

Exercise Database Access

Toss those old photocopied exercise sheets and upgrade to video.

Quickly send your clients exercises to get better results. Preview here.

Cocktail Hour Call Recordings

Ask questions and grow with Resilient's founders and other members.

Join us LIVE and access past call recordings.

Courses, Webinars, Programs & Protocols, Exercise Database,
New Releases, and our vault of archived content.


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