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Return to Sport: Acceleration & Agility Online Course

Education and application to make your patients and athletes more Resilient.


With this course, you'll learn our acceleration & agility system including...​

  • How we navigate the return to sport continuum
  • The movement patterns and skills athletes use in sport
  • How we apply Newton’s laws and fundamental biomechanical principles
  • What we look for in our model of movement
  • The importance of looking at output and strategy
  • See full course outline below...

Resilient has presented content to organizations including:

Boston Celtics, Florida State University, Columbia University, Crunch Fitness, and more...

You want your athletes to return to sport safely and effectively.

Resilient was born from a continued passion of achieving more with all patients, athletes, and clients.

If you're like us, you strive for a better skillset and knowledge base to help people each day.

Whether you're a Physical Therapist, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Fitness Professional, or similar, our coursework can help you do just that.

We were inspired by the results our athletes were achieving with our treatment and training model and want to share it with other professionals just like you.

Join us on the journey to provide high quality services to those we're all privileged to work with.

All from the comfort of your own home or office.

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Frank Alexander, ATC​
to Dr. Chris Ahmad

New York Yankees,
Head Team Physician

“The Resilient Movement Foundations course is expertly designed for anyone who is interested in taking care of athletes of all skill levels. Greg, Trevor, and Doug do an excellent job creating digestible content that has a great blend of review and a fresh, new perspective. Their knowledge and insight is exceptional and is just one of the many reasons why the patients we share do so well.”

Allen Gruver

Former NBA Medical Director,
Physical Therapy Practice Owner,
BFS Science Founder

“The Resilient team isn’t about novelty for novelty’s sake or unnecessary complication. It’s apparent that they designed this course with the end user β€’ the patient or athlete β€’ in mind. Coaches and clinicians of all levels will learn how to apply foundational concepts and execution into a comprehensive, systematic model.”

Ty Terrell

Atlanta Hawks
Strength & Conditioning Coach

“The Resilient team is a go to resource for me as a professional. They are exceptional at blending the science with practical execution and their educational material does the same. Because of their blend of top shelf knowledge with real world training principles, learning from the Resilient team is a no-brainer. They have been and continue to be influential in my own development as a coach.”

Ben Hagar

Arizona Diamondbacks,
Physical Therapist

“The Resilient team is on the cutting edge of all things rehab & performance. Their progressive approach & ability to educate & develop a rehab and/or training program that fits the needs of each individual are second to none. Whether you are a professional athlete, a weekend warrior, or an someone trying to regain function, the Resilient team’s unique approach will deliver above and beyond.”

How YOU get better...

This course provides over 11+ hours of video footage including lecture presentation, practical demonstration, and video breakdowns for you to learn on your terms at your own pace with the ability to review all content whenever you’d like.

Course Objectives:

  1. Understand the phases of the return to sport process
  2. Learn how athletes move in sport and the positions they must be able to attain
  3. Expand your understanding of Newton’s Laws and the Fundamental Biomechanical Principles
  4. Learn the requisite physical qualities for athletic movements
  5. Understand the Model of Movement for each athletic movement pattern and skill
  6. Hear the cues we USE and the cues we DON’T USE with our athletes and why
  7. Review research on acceleration and change of direction
  8. Learn the difference between change of direction and agility
  9. Understand how to analyze an athlete’s movement strategy
  10. Create a comprehensive program that can help an athlete return to sport safely and effectively
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Skills & Knowledge to Help Everyone

We strive to simplify the complexity of the return to sport process by providing you our road map of progressions with the rationale to teach you “the why.”

This course takes you through the foundations of how we approach acceleration and agility from rehabilitation to high level performance.

Who is Resilient Performance?

Meet the Co-Founders of Resilient Performance & Resilient Performance Physical Therapy: Greg, Trevor, and Doug (L>R)

From coaching to treating to teaching, Resilient’s staff of Physical Therapist / Performance Coach hybrids has professional experience with athletes and organizations including:

NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Olympics, NCAA, FBI, U.S. Special Forces, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and more...


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